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Attract, grow and hold deer on your property year-round. “Buck Builder” is our premium blend of high energy protein pellets, roasted soybeans, whole cottonseed, oats and corn. All coated with our blend of vitamin infused oil and organic mineral. This ration is designed to be fed free choice through a free flow protein feeder or timed protein feeders. For maximum results feed Buck Builder free choice year-round. If feeding year-round is not an option the most beneficial times for you to supplement your deer is the late winter post rut recovery months of January, February, March, and the typically hot and dry summer months of July, August and September. This ration is a balanced ration that can be fed free choice to deer in confinement as well. In addition to their primary ration, deer in pens should always have access to clean fresh water, a quality long stem roughage source, and loose mineral. Whether fed to pen deer or wild deer, Buck Builder will help maximize the genetic potential of your deer herd. You can expect your herd to be healthier, better conditioned, have better antler development, and produce better fawn crops.

  • Crud Protein, Min……………………18.0%
  • Crud Fat, Min………………………..7%
  • Crud Fiber, Max………………………10.0%
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“Buck Builder” is intended to be a free-choice protein ration for whitetail deer in their natural environment as a supplement to their natural diet, or feed to confined breeder deer free-choice with hay and free-choice mineral. Provide plenty of fresh, clean water at all times.

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